Welcome to Echuca Primary School.

Echuca Primary School (208) first opened in 1858 and was relocated from its original site in 1995 to the current site in High St Echuca - nestled between the Campaspe River and the central business district.  The school grounds have been developed extensively.  Children are predominantly from the neighbourhood area, although a number travel to school by bus from rural areas. In 2012 the student enrolment was 515

In 2013 the school had 31.5 teaching staff and 6.7 ESO staff. The school also employed a trainee.

The school enjoys strong support from parents, school council, staff and local community.   Great emphasis is placed on caring for our students, staff and parents by providing an environment that is both safe and secure.  The buildings and grounds were specifically designed to meet the school community’s needs with active and passive play areas and provision of shade areas. 

The school offers a seven-year sequential program in the Victorian Essential Learning Standards. Specialist programs are delivered in the areas of The Arts, Physical Education (PE), Science and Technology and Reading Recovery to supplement and enhance class programs. A Koorie Engagement Support Officer and Integration Aides also provide support to children in a wide range of areas.  The Early Years Literacy program operates fully in Prep to Year Two and has been extended in varying forms throughout the school. All students have 10 hours of literacy and at least 5 hours of numeracy each week. A focus on building teaching capacity has been supported by the appointment of Literacy and Numeracy leaders and coaches to further improve our students' achievements.

In order to provide a comprehensive curriculum, additional programs are offered in an effort to foster and develop the academic, social, emotional and physical abilities of all children.  These additional programs include:

Students at Risk Support Program


Drug education


Bike education

Interschool sport

A sequential camping and outdoor education program in grades Prep-6

Religious Education Prep-2

Private instrumental Music tuition in piano

Buddy grades

Teaching staff are trained in Restorative Practices to ensure that there is a consistent approach to Student Well Being and Engagement Welfare. This recognises that all students have a right to learn and all teachers have a right to teach. Our aim at all times is to provide an atmosphere that is happy, harmonious and caring. Our aim is to ensure the healthy development of every child so that each has the knowledge, skills and resilience to be successful in a rapidly changing world. Echuca Primary School operates on the strong belief that the development of the ‘whole child’ is imperative, whereby self-esteem and confidence is essential for successful learning and is an integral part of our school’s mission.

Creativity, critical thinking, co-operation and tolerance in children are all highly valued at Echuca Primary School. Programs are intended to help children grow in all of these areas. 

To facilitate improvement in student learning, the school had identified key Priorities and Goals in our Strategic Plan.  These focus on enhancing the academic skills of all children to the greatest possible extent, whilst at the same time addressing the needs of all students in areas of emotional, social and physical development.  Hence, Echuca Primary School will continue to provide seven years of primary education that maximises student abilities and produces well-adjusted, responsible and self-reliant students with the academic and social skills that will provide a basis for their future. 

ICT is integrated across the school and aims to ensure our students acquire skills with computers and the use of multi-media technology.  All Year 5 and 6 students participate in the 1:1 netbook program and all classrooms have an interactive whiteboard. The establishment of a year 5/6 learning neighbourhood will develop an exciting and engaging environment and curriculum for our students to transition to learn and prepare for secondary school.

The school has outstanding parent and community involvement in a range of activities such as the 208 Gala Ball, J-Rock, school fete, term discos, sporting activities, camps and excursions and art show.

Echuca PS has a reputation in the community for being ‘an excellent school’ that provides first class education and many additional opportunities for children.

Principal’s Welcome


High Street Echuca,

VIC 3564

Phone: 03 5483 0700

Fax:     03 5483 0777

E-mail: echuca.ps@edumail.vic.gov.au

Mr. Paul Hon Principal

Ms. Gayle Bedford

Assistant Principal

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